Projects by RPM Engineers (India) Limited

We wish to introduce ourselves as a premier equipment manufacturer in India. We design, develop and fabricate, with quality workmanship various types of dairy equipment's for milk, ice cream and by - products of milk. Our major area of interest and excellence is in the implementation of End to End package solutions right from reception to packing.

With over 4 decades of rich experience, RPM has created for itself, a niche market in sectors such as Dairy, Food Processing, Confectionery, Brewery, Beverages, Personal Product, Paints & Pigments and Refrigeration Industries:

Following are various projects being handled by RPM ENGINEERS (INDIA) LIMITED:

Milk Processing and Dairy Plants

We provide complete solution for milk processing and dairy plants starting from reception dock up to the dispatch platform. The mechanical scope covered under this project includes raw milk reception, homogenizing, cream separation, milk pasteurization, processed milk storage, packing as well as routing for other by products manufacturing area. Read more

Some of the dairy milk plants executed (Design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning) by us are as follows:

  1. Sendhwa Dairy (SANCHI), Madhya Pradesh– 40 TLPD
  2. Padalur Dairy (AAVIN), Perambalur, Tamilnadu – 100 kLPD
  3. Karnataka Co-operative Milk Producers Union Ltd., Bangalore – 200 kLPD
  4. Tumkur Expansion Project, Tumkur – 1.5 kLPD
  5. Ernakulam Regional Coop. Milk Prod. Union Ltd., Kattappana Dairy – 20 kLPD
  6. Hassan Expansion project, Hassan – 120 kLPD to 300 kLPD
  7. Raichur, Bellary & Koppal Dist. Coop. Milk Union, Bellary – 10 kLPD

Refrigeration Plants

Ammonia based refrigeration systems with compressors (air / water cooled), ice bank tank (up to 2600 RMT of evaporator coil) with allied accessories and pumps, atmospheric based condenser (up to 2600 RMT of condenser coils) with allied accessories and pumps or PHE based condensing system, prechiller with allied accessories, receiver, slop pots, valves, fittings, piping, electrical and instrumentation, utilities such as steam, air, water (raw and soft), etc. alongside with process piping, valves, fittings, pumps, reception and dispatch equipment with storage tanks and CIP kitchen equipment.

Some of the milk chilling centers executed (Design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning) by us are as follows:

  1. Ittigi Milk Chilling Center – 50 kLPD
  2. Hunsur Milk Chilling Center - 1 LLPD
  3. Byrapatna Milk Chilling Center – 1 LLPD
  4. Byrapatna Milk Chilling Center (Second Line)
  5. Vijayapura Milk Chilling Center
  6. Arisekare Milk Chilling Center - 100 kLPD
  7. HN Pura Milk Chilling Center – 1 LLPD

Cheese & Paneer Plants

Cooking vats / kettles, whey separation strainers, shovel & scoops, pneumatic press station with accessories such as hoops, etc, soaking tanks, cutting table, cutting machines, packing machine, cold store

Some of the paneer and cheese plants executed (Design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning) by us are as follows:

  1. Paneer plant, Balaji Dairy – 2 MTPD
  2. Chenny’s Creamary Project, Bengaluru, Cheese and Paneer Plant

Ice Cream Plants

High fat milk reception equipments (unloading crush proof hose, pumps, duplex strainers, deaeration vessel), VMST (upto 20 kL - high fat milk and cream storage), mix preparation tanks (load cell / level controller based), butter melting vats (up to 5kL), mix heater skid with turbo blender and allied pumps, mix pasteurizer with homogenizer and allied pumps, multipurpose vats / kettles (up to 5 kL - kulfi, sugar syrup, chocolate melting, reprocessing), ageing vats (up to 5 kL - chilled water based cooling or direct expansion type), flavour mixing tanks with transfer pumps and flow plates, continuous freezers (indigenous and imported), filling via cup, cone, trays, bulk / tub / family pack (indigenous and imported), candy line (imported - sticks, kulfi), primary and secondary packing (indigenous and imported), hardening tunnel (imported) / blast freezer (indigenous), cold store and deep freezer (indigenous), ice cream crate washer with conveyors and crate trolleys

  1. Hassan Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Limited, Hassan 10,000 LPD
  2. Malabar Regional Cooperative Milk Union, Calicut - 10,000 LPD
  3. Ernakulam Regional Coop. Milk Prod. Societies Union Ltd., Edappally - 12,000 LPD
  4. Elan’s Creams & Foods, Palluruthy, Kochi – 2,500 LPD
  5. Kunjamma Foods & Creams Pvt. Ltd., Kakkancherry – 2,500 LPD
  6. Sonata Foods & Creams, Thrissur – 2,500 LPD
  7. People's dairy development project central society, Kerala – 2,500 LPD
  8. Pappai Ice Cream, Palakkad - 10,000 LPD

Biscuit Plants

For biscuits manufacturing, especially ITC LIMITED (Sunfeast Biscuits), we have set up their manufacturing units at various places all over India. We execute liquid ingredient handling systems:

  1. ITC Limited, Foods Division, Trichy, Tamilnadu
  2. ITC Limited, Foods Division, Kapurthala, Punjab
  3. ITC Limited, Foods Division, Guwahati, Assam
  4. ITC Limited, Foods Division, Uluberia, West Bengal
  5. Rangaa Food Ind. Pvt. Ltd., Vellakoil, Tamilnadu (C/o. ITC Limited)
  6. Hershey’s India Pvt. Ltd., Surendra Nagar, Gujarat – 50 TPD of candies
  7. NENPL, Mangaldai, Assam - 100 TLPD
  8. ITC Limited, (Haridwar)
  9. ITC Limited, (Utsav Food Products, Gujarat)
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